Lorraine SPROSEN

In Memoriam
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24.1.1926 – 5.12.1612 months have passed and there hasn't been a day I haven't thought of Mum and many a tear shed. Now with a clearer head I write some thoughts.
She was a one in a million mother always putting everybody else first. Her children were always her first priority and she would go without rather than us.
She clothed and fed us, kept us warm and loved us, sheltered us from any harm and patched up the messes we made be it to ourselves or the home.
She always managed to make every birthday and Christmas memorable. With so very little money to spare she would buy, swap and sell to ensure we had something special.
Like Mother like daughter, I got her fine hair of which you can't do anything with, I got her droopy jowls and the habit of wiping the corners of my mouth, I even got a missing finger like her. I missed out on her good legs and boobs. If she had had another daughter she would have had indented boobs. I have ended up following in her footsteps and studied Horticulture and now specialize in growing and selling herbs and vegetable seedlings. I call myself a late bloomer and like Mum I love the garden as well.
Out of everything I got a lot of good traits from Mum, respect, manners, courtesy, honesty, and hardworking ethics. These traits and many more have made me what I am today.
I rang Mum every week to let her know how I had gone with my markets, how Eddie my fur baby was and any other trivia that may have happened and always to see what she had been up to and how she was feeling. Occasionally I cried over something that had happened that week and she always managed to make me laugh by saying every tear I had means I won't need to go the toilet so much.
After every phone call for at least the last 20 odd years I always ended the call with saying 'I Love You and I will see you'.
As always I say to Mum now I Love You and I will see you in another life.
- Rebecca

Published in Timaru Herald on Dec. 5, 2017